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Making live chat software simpler and connected.

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Our Mission

We want every business to experience the value of live chat.

What Asana did for project management, Slack did for team communications and Robinhood did for stock trading, we want to do for live chat software. By designing a radically different interface and bringing data from other popular apps, we want to bring a big change to live chat.

Our Approach

Delivering Value First

Startups and small businesses rarely hire a full time live chat agent. We understand the value for bringing a larger team that can participate.


We carefully designed HappyFox Chat thinking beyond the support agent. We are keen in helping marketers, product managers and other stakeholders in the company be involved in the customer engagement cycle. With a strong focus on productivity, we are keeping chat connected to the other apps and providing a snappy user interface for a delightful experience every time you use it.

Engineered For Scale

We believe live chat will soon become the most preferred channel of customer service and engagement both for consumers and businesses. We wanted to build a system that could perform exceptionally well at scale and efficiently enough to disrupt the business model. We are excited to serve millions of chats going forward.

Our Experience

As an emerging help desk provider, we’ve worked closely with hundreds of companies to solve their helpdesk and customer service needs. And we’ve seen live chat emerge as one of the most important channels. Bringing all our learnings together, we decided to solve the problem differently, challenging the status quo. HappyFox Chat is a testament to this.